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About International Utility Specialists

What We Do
International Utility Specialists (IUS) is a professional services company dedicated to bringing our clients the greatest amount of savings possible on energy purchases. We generally do this through sales tax exemptions and refunds on electricity, natural gas, water and propane.  In addition, we provide supporting documentation to preserve tax exemptions in the event of a sales and use tax audit.

In 2003, IUS expanded to provide services for electricity supply alternatives.  Through our industry partners, we can make arrangements with energy suppliers across the nation to provide more favorable purchasing options.  We serve manufacturing, education, retail, transportation, and commercial office buildings. Since IUS began offering this service, our clients have saved more than $4 million in energy purchases.

Who We Are
In 1983, founder and current CEO, David McBride determined that there was a lack of professional expertise for companies needing utility sales tax assistance.  Now, over 29 years later, IUS has helped more than 7,500 businesses, saving them in excess of $60 million in taxes associated with their energy purchases.  Our top quality sales tax exemption service is highly respected across the nation and currently represents clients in most of the states where legislation allows exemptions.

You can rely on the energy industry experts at International Utility Specialists.  Call today to join our roster of satisfied clients or by filling out our online information request form.  We're here to help manage your energy costs.

Call IUS today toll-free at 1-800-397-SAVE (7283) or 515-267-0707

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