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Sales Tax Exemptions and Refunds

Many states offer exemptions from sales tax on purchases of electricity, natural gas, water and propane.  Exemption requirements and regulations differ from state to state and from taxpayer to taxpayer.

You may be eligible for sales tax exemptions and refunds on your company’s purchases of electricity, natural gas, water and propane if you have business operations in any of these qualifying states. The utility tax experts at International Utility Specialists (IUS) can save you time and money in determining whether your operations qualify for these exemptions and refunds.

IUS will review your utility tax status in the states where your business facilities are located.  If you qualify, we work with you to provide the proper energy and predominant use studies that can help you secure and maximize your sales tax exemptions and refunds.

Satisfied IUS customers know the value of our comprehensive utility tax review. We can save you time and money on sales tax exemption and refund paperwork if your business pays at least $2500 each month for utilities. Contact IUS today or fill out our online information request form.

Contact IUS today by filling out our online information request form.

Call IUS today toll-free at 1-800-397-SAVE (7283) or 515-267-0707

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