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State treasuries are vigorously searching for every penny of tax revenue.  As a result, state revenue departments have increased the number of sales and use tax audits on large industrial taxpayers.  During these audits, questions are growing about the tax exemptions claimed on purchases of electricity, natural gas, water and propane.  In many cases, if energy and predominant use studies supporting the exemption claims cannot be produced, auditors assume the utility purchase in question (electricity, natural gas, etc.) are deemed 100 percent taxable.

The tax experts at International Utility Services can help.  We have extensive experience working with taxpayers who face utility tax questions from state revenue departments.  Our experts can produce the energy and predominant use studies that fully utilizes the rules and regulations applicable to utility tax exemptions.  Our documentation maximizes your exemptions and will withstand the scrutiny of your state's department of revenue audit.

In addition to producing energy and predominant use studies, our tax experts work directly with the state revenue department's representative to negotiate acceptable exemption percentages.  We will tour your plants with the revenue department representative to ensure they fully understand how your utilities are used for production purposes.

Satisfied IUS customers know the value of our audit assistance program. We can save you time, money, and paperwork headaches.

Contact IUS today by filling out our online information request form.  You can rely on the tax experts at International Utility Specialists.  We're here to help you during your audit process.

Call IUS today toll-free at 1-800-397-SAVE (7283) or 515-267-0707

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