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Electricity Alternatives

Why are electricity supply alternatives important to my business?
In recent years, many states have deregulated their electricity markets. That means utility customers can independently contract with the energy supplier(s) of their choice.

However; if you are like many business people, you may not have the time or personnel to find the best arrangement for your specific business needs.

Which states are deregulated?
International Utility Specialists' (IUS) team tracks utility regulations across the country. If you have facilities in any of these eligible states, we can find suppliers of electricity to meet your needs.

California Maine New Hampshire Pennsylvania
Connecticut Maryland New Jersey Rhode Island
Delaware Massachusetts New York Texas
Illinois Michigan Ohio Virginia
Washington, D.C.      

IUS represents several energy suppliers and we offer competitive electric pricing options.

Contact International Utility Specialists to find out how we can help you save money on your energy purchases by filling out our information request form.

Call IUS today toll-free at 1-800-397-SAVE (7283) or 515-267-0707

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